Libyan-American economic relations in constant hike

Weeks after the new US ambassador Richard Norland was appointed an honorary chairman of Libyan-American Commerce Chamber, economic relations between the two countries started to flourish via a series of meetings and visits for Libyan officials to Washington.

The latest meeting was between Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation Mustafa Sanalla and US Chargé d’affaires who reiterated that the NOC should remain independent and called for an economic dialogue with all Libyan officials to back up transparency in economic institutions.

The third economic dialogue will be held soon, knowing that last September saw the holding of the Libyan-German Forum with government officials taking part from both countries, including Minister of Economy Ali Al-Essawi and a number of businesspersons and investors.

The member of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Ahmed Maiteeq participated Friday at the economic meeting “Investment Opportunities in Libya” that was organized by Business France Agency under the auspices of Economy and Finance Ministry as well as European Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris.

The economic event, which was also attended by representatives from the Libyan private sector, discussed economic partnerships and improvement of trade exchange as well as resumption of halted contracts and studying new investment opportunities in Libya.

All those meetings haven’t altered the reality of the Libyan economy and foreign firms haven’t returned to resume work in Libya yet, as observers believe that such meetings are held by foreign countries to show interest in future investments in Libya so they can guarantee they have a place when things get better.


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