Italian army justifies crashing of its drone in Libya’s Tarhouna

The Italian General Staff issued a statement about the Italian drone that crashed on Libyan territory within Tarhouna city, saying the drone was doing surveillance missions for the illegal immigration combat efforts.

The Italian statement on Twitter said the drone crashed down but didn’t say it was downed by the defenses of the Libyan National Army.

The official page of the LNA spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari posted earlier a letter to the Italian authorities including an inquiry by the LNA’s General Command about the nature of the presence of an Italian drone in Libya’s skies and in the Libyan military airspace.

Written in Italian, the letter said the Air Force of the LNA shot down the drone that has the logo of the Italian Air Force on it after it entered the military operations airspace that was announced in earlier occasions when the Tripoli operations started.


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