US concerned about Russia’s growing influence in Libya

The Washington Times has published an article by Adam Ereli, who served as US ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain and deputy State Department spokesman, talking about the growing Russian influence in Libya compared to the dwindling American influence.

The article said the US should get serious about enforcing the UN embargo on supplying arms to Libya, which is being violated with impunity, by sanctioning all groups involved in providing arms to Libya, including Russia.

“Failing that, the US should supply the GNA with defensive weapons to protect itself and prevent further advances by the other party’s forces.” The article said.

According to Eugene Rumer, director of the Russia and Eurasia Program at the Carnegie Endowment, “Gaining a foothold in Libya and ultimately a say in any future settlement in that country could serve as a springboard to build up Russian influence in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

It would appear that the Trump administration is belatedly waking up to the danger brought on by its fecklessness and Russia’s opportunism, the article says.

The writer called on the US to match words with actions and learn from their repetitive failures in Libya and mistakes made in Syria and Iraq.


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