On International Anti-Corruption Day, Libyan corrupt officials still enjoy impunity

December 9th of every year is the UN International Anti-Corruption Day to raise public awareness for anti-corruption and the hazards corruption poses to development projects in countries.

Libya is beyond doubt living in high corruption rates, which were reflected in the Corruption Perceptions Index of Transparency International that was issued last January, in which Libya came 170 out of 180 countries on the list.

Control authorities, such as the Libyan Audit Bureau, have been documenting corruption since 2012, when the report was 3000 pages long and then got sixfold larger in the next six years to cover violations with billions of dinars. The most important of the violations was when the governments between 2013 and 2017 spent 277 billion dinars without naming the reason for it.

This is coupled with smuggling foreign currencies as well as incidents of fraud and lack of commitment to work by state employees, whom the Audit Bureau said were productive 15 minutes only out of their 8-hour jobs.

Audit Bureau reports have also revealed corruption inside the Presidential Council and the Central Bank of Libya, whose officials are still enjoying impunity until today.

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