218News reveals confidential statements by Donald Trump on Libya’s crisis

Sources have revealed to 218News statements by the US President Donald Trump during his confidential meeting with ambassadors of Security Council member states at the White House.

Trump started by blaming the complicated issue in Libya on the previous administration and the intervention of NATO in 2011, which was supported by the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whom Trump said at the confidential meeting was the main reason for Libyan crises.

The discussions between Trump and the ambassadors touched on ,from Trump’s side, the security deterioration and spread of weapons after wrong NATO intervention in Libya in 2011.

He disappointingly talked of a huge gap between fighting parties in Libya, which explains why Washington, according to observers, is taking slow action toward Libya’s crisis since the breakout of fighting in southern Tripoli last April.

Trump also told the attendees that the impasse on frontlines in southern Tripoli meant none of the two sides is able to win the battle.

He had a positive outlook, however, regarding the resources of Libya as he said they could boost the development and rebuilding of the country after the end of the war, which could give chance to uprooting chaos and terrorism as well as illegal immigration that is giving Europe a headache.

Trump also talked about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam situation with Egypt as he welcomed Egyptian, Ethiopian and Sudanese representatives, saying they should settle the issue and threatening to cut aids to the three countries.

He also surprised the attendees bu saying reaching an agreement between Taliban and US negotiators isn’t difficult, but his country was busy fighting other terrorist groups elsewhere in the region.

Trump also hinted at a bigh breakthrough in the Gulf crisis and said the US is certain of very eminent settlement to the crisis, without saying further details.

The US President talked about Iran and asked the ambassadors not to believe the media in this issue as it has become part of this long and complicated crisis with Iran, which he said doesn’t have a fixed plan to negotiate with his administration due to division inside Iran’s government.

He said the US knows that its economic sanctions on Iran are effective and that his administration is trying to devise a better deal with Iran to avoid the mistakes of the Obama administration, saying he asked France and China to exert pressure on Iran to accept it.


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