El Sisi speaks of “inclusive solution” to Libya’s conflict within months

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Wednesday that a solution to the Libyan conflict will take place within a matter of months, adding that the solution will be a comprehensive and inclusive one.

El Sisi added that his country is working swiftly to find a way out for the Libyan crisis, saying Egypt was the first country to be affected by the conflict in Libya.

The Egyptian President also said in his address to Sustainable Development Conference attendees in Aswan that Cairo had fought on behalf of the world on its western borders with Libya and that solution in Libya would stabilize the whole region.

El Sisi didn’t outline the traits of the political solution he is getting at pr the date for its kickoff, yet he said the solution would be “peaceful and conclusive”.

He didn’t even give details on whether or not Cairo will lead an initiative and propose it to the warring parties in Libya.

However, El Sisi called for treating the “countries sponsoring terrorism” with “strength and force” and to take deterring actions against them.

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