Hideouts of ISIS in Libya have been revealed

Amid speculations about the fate of ISIS in Libya and with several reports warning of the terrorists’ return due to lack of security, the UN panel of experts’ report, which was unveiled Tuesday, said ISIS was still in different areas in Libya and in sleeping cells in Tripoli and Misrata.

According to the UN panel of experts, ISIS has independent groups in Sabha, Murzuq, Qatroon, and Al-Harouj mountain. Their report also said that leaders from ISIS Libya are still in Bani Walid, adding that “Abu Mossad Al-Leebi” (Mahmoud Masoud Al-Baraassi) has been depicted in Bani Walid, whose fate wasn’t revealed in the report, despite news of his death over the last period.

The report also said that airstrikes by forces under Government of National Accord and Libyan National Army’s command as well as US Africa Command have all undermined the capabilities of ISIS in the last few months, making their movements more difficult.

ISIS Libya groups have depended on stealing, kidnapping, and releasing hostages for their funding as they used to demand very high ransoms, let alone smuggling operations, human trafficking and others illicit operations.

The report didn’t mention the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in last October by US forces in Idlib, Syria, which seems to suggest that it was prepared before the death of Al-Baghdadi.


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