Report: Six Syrian fighters loyal to Turkey killed in Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said six Syrian Ankara-loyal fighters had been killed in clashes in Libya.

The SOHR said three of the killed fighters were affiliated with Muatasem Brigade and the others were loyal to Sultan Murad Brigade, adding that their bodies were sent back to Syria and buried in Al-Bab in Aleppo’s suburban.

It indicated that one body for a fighter from Sultan Murad Brigade is for a boy who was born in 2002 and he was killed a week ago.

SOHR indicated that the Turkish Government had promised the families of the killed Syrian fighters with money incomes for about two years.

Meanwhile, the SOHR said the number of Syrian fighters sent by Turkey to Libya reached 1000 as new recruits – 1700 ones – arrived in the centers opened in Afrin and Dere Al-Furat areas.

The SOHR explained that Turkey is preparing to send 300 Syrian fighters from Failaq Al-Sham to Libya in the coming days.


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