Sources reveal to 218News the nature of Algeria’s movements on borders with Libya

218News has learned from a reliable source that Algeria, which has long land borders with Libya, has been warned over military intervention in Libya at the orders of France.

France has instructed Algeria not to intervene militarily in Libya as tensions rise in the region with the Turkish military intervention in the country.

The source added that Paris called on Algeria not to have any military links in Libya in a message delivered by the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian.

These remarks come as Algeria is carrying out some military movements on the borders with Libya, which the source told 218News that they are precautious moves to secure the borderline.

The controversy surrounding Algeria’s movements came as they coincided with the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister visited Algeria on the same day the Head or the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj visited it.

The visit came to raise concerns about whether or not Algeria was entering an alliance with Libya’s GNA and Turkey to help Ankara carry out its military intervention in Libya.

Meanwhile, the Algerian Foreign Minister rejected the presence of any foreign country in Libya, saying his country finds it compelling that the conflict is resolved through a peaceful and political solution.


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