Uneasy calm descends on Tripoli after announcement of ceasefire

Tripoli is seeing an uneasy calm after the General Command of the Libyan National Army has announced a ceasefire and so has the Presidential Council.

The LNA said the ceasefire in western Libya started at midnight on Sunday and conditioned it to the commitment of the other side of the conflict, saying any violations will be met with merciless responses.

After hours of the ceasefire announcement, the Presidential Council also agreed on the ceasefire, setting up some points like sending military missions from the two sides under the UNSMIL’s auspices and backing up Berlin political track.

The UNSMIL welcomed the ceasefire and hoped that the two parties commit to it and start political process once again.

All Libyans are now and after all what happend over the months are eager to end conflicts and differences and build a country away from chaos.


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