218News publishes Berlin conference’s final statement

Berlin conference was held on Sunday to discuss the crisis in Libya with the participation of 12 countries and regional and international organizations.

The Berlin conference, which came after a number of preparatory meetings, will form four committees to follow up the implementation of the conclusions, in addition to two meetings for the experts a month.

The conference statement, of which 218News obtained a copy, urged all Libyan parties to resume the inclusive Libyan-led and Libyan-owned political process under the auspices of UNSMIL, engaging in it constructively, paving the way to end the transitional period through free, fair, inclusive and credible parliamentary and presidential elections.

It called for the establishment of a functioning Presidency Council and the formation of a single, unified, inclusive and effective Libyan government approved by the House of Representatives.
We reiterate our call to stop any support to UN-designated terrorist individuals and groups. All perpetrators of terrorist acts should be held accountable.

“We commit to efforts strengthening current monitoring mechanisms by the UN and competent national and international authorities, within our capabilities, including maritime, aerial and terrestrial monitoring, and through the provision of additional resources, in particular satellite imagery. We commit to supporting the UN Panel of Experts to effectively document and report such breaches and support them in investigating violations and urge all international actors to do the same.” The statement reads.

It adds that the participants encourage the Panel to investigate and alert the relevant UNSC Committee on violations of the UNSC arms embargo on a continuous basis. We commit to supporting and fully cooperating with the UN Panel of Experts.

“We call on all actors to apply and enforce UNSC sanctions, including through national implementation measures, against those who are found to be in breach of the UNSC arms embargo or the ceasefire, from this day forward.” The statement added.

“We call for credible, verifiable, sequenced and reciprocal steps, including credible steps towards the dismantling of armed groups and militias by all parties as per art. 34 of the LPA and referred to in UNSC resolutions 2420 and 2486, leading to a comprehensive and lasting cessation of all hostilities including air operations over the territory of Libya. We call for the redeployment of heavy weapons, artillery and aerial vehicles and their cantonment.” The statement said.

It added that the participants call for a comprehensive process of demobilization and disarmament of armed groups and militias in Libya and the subsequent integration of suitable personnel into civilian, security and military state institutions, on an individual basis and based on a census of armed groups personnel and professional vetting. We call upon the United Nations to assist this process.


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