Al-Mahjoub warns Tripoli locals of “Erdogan’s mercenaries”

The Head of Motivation Authority at the Libyan National Army Khalid Al-Mahjoub warned Tripoli residents of the Syrian mercenaries sent to Libya by Turkey to fight alongside the Government of National Accord’s forces

Al-Mahjoub said the danger of the mercenaries is their field executions of their opponents and their threat to the neighboring countries of expanding terrorism and chaos.

These remarks came after a Syrian mercenary posted photos of himself in Tripoli wearing a military uniform saying he arrived in Tripoli.

Al-Mahjoub told Al-Ain newspaper that Turkey’s deployment of troops to Tripoli won’t hinder the LNA’s war on terrorism.

He added that Erdogan is using these mercenaries as a pressure card on the European Union as it would be the destination of those fighters if they wanted to escape from Libya.


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