Deryag: LNA is responsible for securing oil fields and ports, not managing them

The commander of Greater Sirte Operations Room Salim Deryag said the Libyan National Army isn’t tasked with administration work at the oil fields and ports, adding that it is tasked with securing them agaisnt any attacks only.

Deryag added that the LNA forces securing the oil fields and ports are locationed on the outskirts of those places, yet the forces responsible for securing them from inside are those of the Petroleum Facilities Guard.

He also told Asharq Al-Awsat that everything is normal at the oil ports that are controlled and secured by the LNA.

Deryag indicated that since the LNA secured the oilfields and ports, the production capacity soared to new percentages.

These remarks come amid partial shutdown of oilfields and ports by public movements rejecting the Turkish intervention in Libya. Many companies announced halt of operations in line with the movements.

On Monday, prices of oil experienced the highest hike in a week after Sharara and El Feel oilfields had been closed.


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