Al-Mismari annoucnes LNA’s activation of no-fly zone over Tripoli

The spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA) Ahmed Al-Mismari announced Wednesday that the no-fly zone from Gharyan to Tarhouna and to Tripoli shores is now in effect, saying it includes military and civilian planes.

Al-Mismari said in a presser in Benghazi that any civilian or military planes taking off from Mitiga Airport will be targeted and that is the last warning, saying Mitiga Airport has become a taking off point for Turkish troops to target the LNA forces.

He added that Mitiga Airport is being used to transfer terrorists and weapons and the Turks are now in control of its military parts while Libyans are prohibited from entering those parts, saying some prisoners were placed next to the operations room to use them as shields.

Al-Mismari also called for transferring the prisoners from Mitiga prisoner which has become a military base for drones and this makes it a target for the LNA.

Al-Mismari indicated that the LNA is committed to the ceasefire and is willing to respond to any GNA violations of the ceasefire, saying LNA forces had destroyed a Turkish drone that was trying to target LNA forces, which was a breach of the truce.

He explained that the LNA is depicting the movement of the terrorists and is gathering data about the Syrian mercenaries, saying LNA’s General Command had depicted some ISIS fighters – believed to be transported by Turkey – infiltrating into southern Libya


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