Head of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights rveals details of “Erdogan’s mercenaries’ flights to Libya”

The Head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) Ramy Abdelrahman has revealed in an interview with 218Ne2s the way used by Syrian mercenaries loyal to Ankara to arrive in Libya, saying there are 2600 fighters now in Tripoli.

The Head of SOHR said the start of the mercenaries’ journey begins when they gather in southern Turkey then they are transported on planes to Ataturk and Sabiha airports in Istanbul without any checks and then to Tripoli aboard Libyan planes.

Ramy Abdelrahman said the number of Syrian mercenaries’ deaths in Tripoli reached 28 on Salah Al-Deen and Al-Ramla frontlines in southern Tripoli.

He added that Turkey opened new recruitment centers in addition to the four existing ones in Afrin, Syria, making the total so far seven centers and Syrian fighters are rushing to them for money in exchange of fighting in Libya.

He also said that the Islamist Failaq Al-Sham force – Muslim Brotherhood’s military wing in Syria and affiliated with Turkey – started recruiting fighters for Libya in Afrin.

He also indicated that many of the Syrian fighters rushed to go to Libya not for fighting in Libya but to use the flights from Turkey to Libya and then once there, they would cross to Europe.

The Head of the SOHR said the leaders of the groups from which the Syrian fighters are going to Libya started doing business by taking the money of the fighters and guaranteeing their arrival in Tripoli then contacting human traffickers to send them to Europe.

“Their salaries reach 2000 dollars a month not paid by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan but by the Government of National Accord and other countries supporting this intervention.” Abdelrahman added.

Meanwhile, the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame told 218News that the Turkish President was invited to Berlin because he was threatening to send Syrians to Libya, adding that Erdogan vowed not to intervene or send mercenaries and that now he can hold Erdogan accountable after signing the agreement.


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