Al-Sweihli reveals details of Muslim Brotherhood work in Libya’s state institutions, calls for investigation

Muslim Brotherhood seems to have become a burden on the complex Libyan crisis and this has been clear in statements made by the former Head of the High Council of State (HCS) Abdelrahman Al-Sweihli, who accused Justice and Construction Party – Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing in Libya – and the Head of the HCS Khalid Al-Mishri who is part of the Muslim Brotherhood group.

Al-Sweihli accused the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in the state institutions of pretending to be democratic to reach power but they are not as they don’t believe in dialogue, saying they thought Skhirat agreement would give their agenda a chance to prosper after it had failed via the efforts of The Army of Tribes, adding that Muslim Brotherhood members are trying to seize power in the name of religion.

“They know nothing but elimination of their opponents and they did so with me and with all those close to me after electing Al-Mishri at the HCS.” Al-Sweihli added.

He said Al-Mishri is in total “hegemony” of the HCS and its decisions that are made without consulting the members, expressing the need to bring the HCS back to its role outside the domination and decision monopoly of Muslim Brotherhood and their arm Al-Mishri.

“I call for an independent investigation into the number of Muslim Brotherhood members in the state institutions and decision making circles. The number will surprise Libyans.” Al-Sweihli said.

He said he chose to speak now because there is no more time for people to stay silent and that he called for a session at the HCS but they refused, adding that he was ready to attend any HCS meeting to face the Muslim Brotherhood members with the facts and listen to their responses.

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