Libyan students evacuated from China’s Wuhan on board Algerian plane

Algeria said it would evacuate Libyan students aboard its planes from China’s Wuhan city as per requests by the Libyan authorities.

Algerian Presidency said the Algerian plane on Wuhan will evacuate Algerians, Tunisians and Libyans from the Coronavirus-plagued city.

The students and nationals will all arrive on Monday in Algiers and afterwards, the Libyan nationals will be sent to Libya.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Disease National Center started last Thursday medical screening of passengers coming to Libya via land, sea and Air borders to discover any Coronavirus cases at early stages, saying on Facebook that all flights landing in Mitiga Airport in Tripoli would be screened.

China’s Health Commission reported on Sunday that there were 475 recoveries and 361 deaths nationwide.

Still, the number of infections from the new coronavirus continues to climb, suggesting that it could take awhile before the outbreak ends. China had 17,205 confirmed infections as of Sunday.

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