Western intervention in Libya eliminates the role of African Union

The fact that Libya is an African country doesn’t spare the intervention of world power in its domestic affairs and this has made the African Union distant from any efforts aiming to end the crisis in Libya, which was clear in the initiatives hosted by Moscow and Berlin.

Observers think that Aftican capitals can’t keep up with the efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis because it has become an international issue.

The Ugandan President told BBC that the invitation of the President of the African Union Moussa Faki and Congolese President to attend Berlin conference in the last minute was just symbolic.

Faki said earlier that he was worried about the intervention in Libya, especially after Turkey had decided to send troops to Tripoli.

Analysts also believe that the African countries should have their own say regarding the solutions to Libya’s crisis although all the efforts made by the continent failed.

Yet, the African countries should have a bigger role in ending the conflict in Libya as the crisis in Libya has had its impact on the continent.

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