After Tripoli port attack, three bodies get on a mysterious flight to Turkey

A well-informed source has told 218News that the three people killed in the Libyan National Army’s attack on Tripoli port last Tuesday were two Turkish officers and one Syrian fighter, who all were at the port.

The source said the three bodies arrived in Mitiga Airport in Tripoli at night when a Libyan Wings flight heading to Turkey was boarding passengers toward Istanbul Airport.

The source indicated that the bodies were allowed inside Mitiga Airport via B9 Gate – which is for VIP and Diplomatic figures – with heavy security by Special Deterrence Force personnel.

“Libyan Wings flight in Mitiga Airport was delayed on the day of the Tripoli port attack without any clear reasons, which later became obvious as it carried the bodies on board. At first, the pilot rejected waiting and asked for permission to fly, but he wasn’t granted the permission. After pressure by the Special Deterrence Force, the pilot waited until the three bodies were put on the plane.” The source told 218News.

Meanwhile, Herdem News website said Turkish intelligence colonel Ghazi, who was the Commander of two Turkish operations in Syria recently, had been killed and a Syrian fighter named Ayman Mahali was killed as well. The Syrian fighter’s family said that their son was working as an interpreter for Turkish intelligence officers when they were in Tripoli.

GNA media outlets rushed to report that three civilians were killed by the port attack and the commander at Nawasi Brigade Mohammed Abudraa (Al-Sandouq) reaffirms that this wasn’t the case, saying the attack killed military officers but later he deleted the post from his Facebook page.


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