New footage shows Manchester Arena bomber checking his bomb

New footage of the Manchester Arena bomber checking his explosive store days before his deadly attack has been played to the jury in the trial of his brother، Sky News reported.

The CCTV footage, filmed on 18 May 2017, shows Salman Abedi inspecting a Nissan Micra that was believed to contain all the equipment and ready-mixed chemicals needed to make his bomb.

He had parked the car with his brother Hashem in the Rusholme area of Manchester four weeks prior, before the pair’s parents took them back to Libya.

In the video, Salman can first be seen looking in the passenger window and later looks into the boot.

Just four days later, the 22-year-old would detonate an explosive in the foyer of the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert, killing himself and 22 other people.

His brother Hashem, who was arrested in Libya the day after the attack, is now on trial for 22 counts of murder having been accused of helping his brother to make the weapon.


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