Al-Jaroushi: The 40 HoR members in Tripoli are wanted by justice

The member of the Defense and National Security Committee of the House of Representatives, Tariq Al-Jaroushi said: “The 40 members present in Tripoli who defected from the House of Representatives are wanted for justice on charges of betraying the country and bringing in the colonizer.

“They represent usurping the will of the Libyan people and stealing the authority of the House of Representatives in addition to causing sedition and deepening the rift among Libyans, as they provide political cover for the actions of terrorists and criminals in the capital.” Al-Jaroushi added.

Al-Jaroushi added that “those defectors represent Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda politically, most of them have been with the Tobruk-based HoR since the start of the House of Representatives in 2014, but they were distracting national efforts and extending the state of backwardness, which helped divert the national compass of the House of Representatives from truth”.

“Those members, who defected by meeting and electing the nephew of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of GNA, as their president is an embodiment of tribalism and regionalism and a consecration of favoritism.” He added.

He also said that they did not respect the constitutional declaration and broke the oath “so how the Libyans and the international community will respect them after that”.


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