Despite Turkey’s support, GNA remains unable to confront LNA

Calling on the United States to establish a military base in Libya by the Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha, was explained to Bloomberg newspaper, as an attempt to undermine the growing Russian influence in Africa that must be confronted by America.

Bashagha, who has replaced the Head of the GNA and its foreign minister on several international occasions since the start of the operations of Libyan National Army against armed groups, took advantage of the opportunity of the US Defense Secretary Mark Esber’s plans to reduce the military presence in Africa and redeploy it against Russia and China, expressing his hope that it will include deployment in Libya so that Libya doesn’t become an area occupied by the Russians.

The call can be seen as the Minister of the Interior is proving every day that he has jumped on the powers that are supposed to be for the Head of the GNA, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and after him, Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayala, and he is proving that he is the ruler in Libya.

It can also mean that the GNA was unable to prove its strength against the LNA, especially after invoking Turkey and opening the way for Erdogan to enter Tripoli with his army, mercenaries and equipment.

Bashagha’s call may open fire again on the GNA after its agreement with Turkey, whether the American response to this request is positive or negative, but the information so far indicate that the possibility of increasing interference in Libya has become one of the red lines of the international community, especially the Europeans who took over Libya’s crisis with a green light from the United States.


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