Two Turkish journalists, who revealed killing of Turkish soldier in Libya, had their Twitter accounts hacked

Turkish news site Artigercek has reported that the accounts of Turkish journalists who had published the news of the killing of Turkish soldiers in Libya had been hacked and all news related to Libya had been deleted.

The newspaper Yeniçağ, where the two journalists work, published a statement describing the hacking operation as a “professional job”, indicating that the party responsible for the hacking is not just amateurs, stating that it is illegal and far from professional.

The newspaper confirmed that the professional hacking took place without sending an alert via the cellular network, which refused to give an explanation, although the two journalists’ accounts are directly linked to it, adding that this is not an ordinary hacking process that anyone can do.

Meanwhile, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan admitted on Saturday, for the first time, the killing of Turkish soldiers in Libya, without clarifying more details about their number or their military ranks.

Two days before the Turkish President’s statements, 218News exclusively revealed the details of transporting the bodies of two Turkish soldiers from Tripoli to Istanbul secretly after they were killed in an attack carried out by the Libyan National Army on military sites in the port of Tripoli affter the Government of National Accord denied the killing of soldiers, claiming that they were only civilians.

The two journalists had published news about the killing of the Turkish colonel “Okan Altenai” in Libya and criticized the way in which he was buried in his hometown, without any official ceremony, nor the presence of his relatives.

The Turkish newspaper Yeniçağ considered that what the two journalists were exposed to because they published the truth of what happened with the Turkish soldier who was killed in Libya, a public violation of the right of its readers to obtain information, especially with regard to the victims of the Turkish army and their families who are in desperate need to console and highlight their suffering in such positions.


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