Who gave you permission? Furious reactions to Bashagha’s call for US base in Libya

Once Bloomberg published the statements of the Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord Fathi Bashagha about his request from the United States to establish a military base in Libya, social media was fueled by various reactions that sharply criticized what Bashagha said in particular.

The most relatable of those reactions came from the Libyan writer and politician Muhammed Abd al-Muttalib Al-Huni, who described Bashagha’s call that “came after he brought the Turks to occupy Libya” as “the treason festival in which the masks have fallen”.

Meanwhile, the Professor of International and Political Relations Ibrahim Haiba considered what Bashaga presented as a breakaway from the framework of political begging to the framework of despair and political confusion.

He wondered what the American interests are in Libya that require the establishment of a military base in the country, asking as well who will pay the price for their continued survival after the US decreased the number of American bases – more than 800 – due to technological development.

Likewise, one of the leaders in the city of Misrata and the businessman Hassan Shabeh said that Bashagha had gone too far with his stance, asking him what is his capacity in power to authorize the hosting of or setting up an American base, which according to Shabeh is considered to be among the President’s specialties and not Bashagha.

The writer Salim Al-Himmali said on his Facebook page that he rejects setting up foreign bases in Libya, calling for a free country.

Such reactions all speak about the unwelcoming opinion of the Libyan people toward Bashagha who has been abusing his position to make messy decisions.


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