Clashes renewed on Tripoli frontlines as two warring parties exchange blame

Clashes renewed on Tripoli’s frontlines, despite announcement of a ceasefire due to the humanitarian situation and facing the Coronavirus pandemic by the two parties.

Government of National Accord spokesman Mohammad Gonunu accused the Libyan National Army of bombing Ain Zara frontline, noting that the bombing had killed one civilian and wounded two others.

Gonunu added that GNA forces responded to the sources of fire with heavy artillery shelling, pointing out that military units of the Libyan National Army were trying to infiltrate into the strategic Heera and Ain Zara frontlines.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the General Commander of the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, said that GNA armed groups violated the ceasefire and bombed LNA positions, stressing that this breach occurred in Heera area, where the army was targeted with artillery shelling.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Libyan government accused the armed groups of GNA of attacking civilian targets in Qasr bin Ghashir area and the city of Tarhouna, explaining that these groups are still violating and committing crimes in a flagrant breach to the international community and the ceasefire that was previously announced in the country.

In light of these military developments and global mobilization in the face of Coronavirus, the questions remains: will we see a real implementation of the ceasefire for the sake of humanitarian actions to address the epidemic?


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