Heir to Libya’s Al-Senussi Monarchy calls on Libyans to protect their country from Coronavirus

Prince Muhammad al-Hassan al-Ridha al-Mahdi al-Senussi, the heir of Libya’s Monarch, has sent a letter to the Libyans, calling on them to let the bygones be bygones, and to stay away from hatred and temptations generated by wars and conflicts, in light of this difficult time that humanity is going through.

“We find ourselves in more need than ever before to stand together in the face of a global pandemic that did not differentiate between races or between peoples or religions,” he said, referring to the Coronavirus.

Al-Senussi reminded Libyans of their duties to the nation to sincerely seek to find effective solutions to obstacles and problems that hinder the positive participation of the society in a transcendent manner above the interest of the individuals or groups and tribes.

The Prince appealed to Libyans to rise to the level of responsibilities on everyone without exception to protect Libya and its people from the consequences of this pandemic.


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