Coronavirus isolates Al-Sarraj from his government’s internal policy

Half a billion dinars, and then 75 million, is the amount of the isolation of the Head of Presidential Council from his supporters before his opponents because of Coronavirus.

Once the pandemic swept the world, the Presidential Council faced a new wave of criticism that reached the level of threatening by a number of municipalities to cut off communication with it because of the lack of justice in allocating the budget to municipal councils from the announced half billion dinars that are meant to fight the Coronavirus outbreak.

The municipalities in Libya, including Zuwara, found the budget of Coronavirus unfair and unjust because the amount of money allocated to them does not cover the work of an area like Zuwara that has many land, sea and air borders.

A number of other municipalities rejected the amount allocated to them and demanded the firing of the Minister of Health of Government of National Accord and his Deputy, citing their lack of knowledge of crisis management and the failure to provide the needed support to combat Coronavirus with an implicit accusation of stealing the money.

Meanwhile, the commander of Al-Samoud Brigade, Salah Badi, vowed to pursue those he described as thieves from the GNA and arrest them, expressing his impatience with the Presidential Council, accusing it of financial corruption and of exploiting the preoccupation of those he described as revolutionaries in the fight to issue crucial decisions without the knowledge of the people.

The former Head of the High Council of the State, Abdelrahman Al-Swaihli, expressed his dissatisfaction with what Al-Sarraj allocated to the municipalities, saying that spending should go to the salary and support items,.adding that he was also dissatisfied with what is disbursed to the fighting front in Tripoli as well as the support for the displaced.

Several municipalities announced that they had not received any amount from the budget allocated so that Al-Sarraj had to announce the allocation of 75 million dinars, but the anger that swept the municipalities led to the isolation Al-Sarraj and his government, which may make things worse for him.


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