Civil societies: Water and power cutoffs in conflicts constitute “war crimes”

A number of civil societies in various regions in Libya issued a statement condemning cutting off water and electricity to civilians.

19 civil societies and charities declared in a statement that the international humanitarian law related to international armed conflicts and non-international armed conflicts prohibit “attacking, destroying, transferring or disrupting necessary and indispensable objects and materials”.

The statement described the deliberate cutoff of water and electricity – as that happened in Sidi Al-Sayeh due the closure of the gas pipeline that caused total blackouts in the western region and the armed group in Al-Shweref area that cut off water – as a war crime that threatens the lives of patients, children and the elderly, especially with the continued suffering of Libyans amid the measures against the spread of Coronavirus.

It also called on the international community and relevant international organizations to seriously stand with civilians in order to spare them more daily suffering.

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