Tunisia’s Muslim Brotherhood sides with Erdogan’s policy in Libya

Once the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his direct intervention in Libya, the intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood Group started to surface as they wished to control Libya and re-establish their position not only on the domestic level but also on the regional one.

Tunisia, Libya’s neighboring country, is the one used by Erdogan as a route towards Libya through the Brotherhood’s Ennahdha Movement after his visit to the country in December last year.

At the time, voices began to be heard by a wide segment of politicians and journalists speaking for the necessity to curb the Brotherhood’s plot that has been supporting until a few years ago terrorist organizations, especially ISIS.

Muslim Brotherhood’s approach in Tunisia continues to support their Libyan affiliates, despite all of the opposition to this project and calls to hold Head of Ennahdha accountable and to dismiss him from the legislative authority after he visited Turkey and met its president without disclosing the reasons of the visit to the Tunisian President Kais Saied.

Ennahdha Movement member and former Minister of Justice Noureddine Al-Behairi, who called for standing against the Libyan National Army in Libya on the pretext that it is tampering with the security of the country that entails the security of Tunisia.

He called for standing with the Government of National Accord, bypassing the position of President Kais Saied regarding Libyan affairs.

It is no secret to anyone that Muslim Brotherhood Movement has no loyalty to the homeland but rather loyalty to its mentor and its bloody approach that it is trying to take power at the expense of democracy, but its flagrant policy in Libya and Tunisia was a reason for its failure as it is now trying to extend its influence in both countries by supporting Turkey – the Muslim Brotherhood’s strongholds – even if it was at the cost of destruction, killing, and chaos.

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