Libyan National Army repels GNA attacks on Tarhuna

Since the early morning hours on Saturday, forces affiliated with the Government of National Accord attacked the city of Tarhuna, after several days of a military build-up following the advance of GNA forces accompanied by Turkish drones and Syrian mercenaries in the cities of Sorman and Sabratha.

According to sources from inside the city of Tarhuna, with knowledge of what is going on Saturday, the armed attack came from 4 frontlines and the main axis was Targhalat in southwest of Msallata, in addition to the axis of the Al-Zatarna area, which has been witnessing very violent clashes for a year, as well as Sheradat area.

According to sources contacted by 218News, GNA forces’ attack was unsuccessful and was repelled in Al-Zatarna area after a fierce battle in which all available weapons were used as GNA forces were forced to retreat toward the coastal road.

During this fighting, the Libyan National Army’s Air Force took part by several warplanes as well as helicopters in support of the forces on the ground, hence; targeting GNA forces, especially on Targhalat frontline, outside of Msallata.

The attack of GNA forces on Tarhuna coincided with the opening of other fronts in Tripoli, specifically in the axes of Salah Al-Deen and Mashroa Al-Hadba, as well as Mitiga military base, which harbors Turkish forces, with dozens of shells.

Observers expect that this attack by GNA forces on the city of Tarhuna, which aims to cut off the roads linking Asaba area with Tarhuna, as well as Tripoli, intends to isolate the internal axes of Mashroa Al-Hadba, Ain Zara, Wadi Al-Rabea and Salah Al-Deen.

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