Son of deceased Saad Masoud tells 218News of the horrors of his father’s prison time

218News TV Channel opened Monday discussions of the arrest and death of former head of Al-Ittihad club Saad Masoud in Mitiga base prison of the Special Deterrence Force in Tripoli.

Muhannad, the son of Masoud, told “LIVE” program that the conditions of imprisonment from the first day were difficult and severe, adding that the family members were unable to communicate with their father when he was in jail.

Masoud’s son added that his father’s health conditions were difficult, as he performed surgeries, including a prostate operation, and there was negligence from the warders at the prison, indicating that healthcare that was provided to him very late.

Muhannad Saad Masoud explained that three of his release orders had been issued by the authorities in Tripoli, but all of them were not implemented for reasons that neither he nor his family members knew, stressing that his father’s jailers refused to comply with the release orders despite the pressure exerted by the sports fans and some tribal figures.

Muhannad stated that his father’s health condition had deteriorated since he was transferred to the prison in Mitiga, where he died.

“My father entered the prison and since then we lost contact with him. We had difficulty receiving information about his health condition as it had deteriorated in the last four months and he was transferred to the hospital without notification to our family.” He addedz saying that they had hoped that his father would be released in the holy month of Ramadan, but the news of his death came first.


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