Audit Bureau says Interior Ministry abducted top financial official, Ministry responds

The dispute has become clear between the institutions of the Government of National Accord recently, and now it has involved the Audit Bureau and the Ministry of Interior.

On Monday evening, the Audit Bureau condemned the “kidnapping” of the director of the General Administration of Financial Supervision of the Public Sector, Rida Gergab, by agents belonging to the Office of the Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha.

The Audit Bureau added, in a statement Monday that the kidnapping operation aims to prevent Gergab from performing his supervisory duties on the transactions of the Ministry of the Interior and its bank accounts, stressing the need to release him immediately and without any preconditions.

It also expressed its surprise at the fact that a body authorized to implement the law and protect citizens had violated the established regulations, stressing that what the armed elements of Bashagha had committed was a crime punishable by law.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior issued a rushed response, clarifying the details of the incident, saying that the matter comes in the context of investigating Gergab and to “expose the extortion practiced by the Audit Bureau.”

The Interior Ministry accused the Audit Bureau of hindering the performance of its tasks of combating corruption, adding that the it covers up corruption and follows the policy of “twisting arms” to hamper the role of the Ministry in conducting the financial audit process.

The statement of the Ministry of Interior indicated that “arresting” Gergab was carried out in accordance with the law and with the follow-up of the Judicial Control Officer, indicating that the results of the inquiries will be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office, adding that it will take action against those working to block state institutions.

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