GNA’s Awqaf Authority slams “Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Islamic Fighting Group”

The General Authority of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf Authority) of the Government of National Accord reaffirmed that its work would continue without paying any attention to what it described as “Muslim Brotherhood boys” who sought to obstruct its operations.

In a statement following the attack of a number of its headquarters and their closure by groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Authority clarified that it was following with compassion some of the actions of what they called “disgruntled boys from the Muslim Brotherhood Group,” referring to the statement issued against them in Zliten, Al-Khums and Misrata, which said the Authority is using extremist ideology.

The GNA Awqaf Authority stated that the National Assembly of the Sheikhs and Notables of Libya is a mixture of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Libyan Fighting Group, adding that it is better for Misrata not to host them, indicating that it is awaiting the measures that the Ministry of Interior will take regarding this despite the Minister’s request to protect its offices.

In its statement, the Authority stressed that those whom it described as “advocates of deviant thoughts” will not have a place in its offices and branches as long as they are entrusted with this operation.

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