Exclusive source reveals to 218News what happened at Al-Wattya airbase and a secret meeting for Field Marshal Haftar

Without a single bullet being shot, GNA forces have entered Al-Wattya airbase and taken full control of it. This is the main scene on Monday.

To find the truth about what happened, 218 details what happened to a place that is as important as other strategic locations for the LNA and the GNA forces.

218News obtained information that dispelled everything that was said about the battle of Al-Watiya and what was also seen in some of the videos about the weapons that GNA said they looted from the LNA after they left and withdrew from the base.

The story begins days before GNA forces took control of the airbase, as the source revealed to 218News that orders to withdraw were issued by the General Command of the forces positioned at the base three days ago and were implemented in stages with the withdrawal of 1,000 vehicles towards Al-Zintan and Al-Rajban in three batches.

The airbase was left empty, with no weapons, no ammunition, and what was shown in GNA videos, according to the source, are worn-out old Mirage planes, Sukhoi, Mitage and MiG missiles that have been out of operation since 2011.

The source added that what was presented of ammunition is a play and fabrication that were prepared in advance and was nothing but ammunition for GNA, pointing out that LNA forces have all the coordinates of the base, which will change the game and the LNA can bomb it whenever it wants.

The source added in his story that a last secret meeting the Field Marshal Haftar had with a number of Zintan fighters, in which he assured them that the provinces of Watiya, Sorman and Sabratha are not important in the battle and that the mission ended with the arrival of 70% of the supplies via the Wataya airbase.

With the leadership coordinator in Zintan, Belkasem Quraish receiving a warning from Field Marshal Haftar of the need to help inform the supporting forces not to disobey any special orders related to withdrawal, the last forces in the base, according to the source, left the base five hours before GNA forces entered, while the officers left it nine days before. Yet, eighteen days before this, the Air Force squadron left the area, describing it as a suicide operation.

The source likened the raids that destroyed most of the base hours before the withdrawal of the LNA units to those that occurred in 2011.

The source also talked about the spying and collusion within the airbase that led to targeting its leaders, including Major Osama Omsia, who was targeted after seconds of using his mobile phone; in addition to the bombing targeting a number of leaders, including Lt. Col. Hamid al-Jarawi and his assistant Muhammad Al-Mujun.

What happened to Al-Watiya airbase was done solely by Turkey, which was confirmed by the source who said LNA rushed to the withdrawal because of the launching of Tomahawk missiles coming from a Turkish warship positioned on the Libyan coast.

Citing anonymous sources, the researcher, Mohammed El-Jareh, talked about the mechanism of the distribution of forces that participated in the operation of controlling the Al-Watya airbase, which lasted for weeks, saying that it was divided between the Turkish forces represented by the Turkish navy warship, and a squadron of type “Phoenix and Bayrakdar” drones, in addition to about 800 Syrian fighters who are brought by Turkey, not to mention the forces of the GNA represented by about 250 fighters.

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