Josep Borrell: Warship and aircraft doing surveillance of Libya’s northern borders

The European Union’s foreign and security policy coordinator, Josep Borrell, has announced that a warship and a surveillance plane were already carrying out maritime and air surveillance missions to collect intelligence information about arms smuggling to Libya as part of Operation IRINI, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Borrell indicated that the fighting in Libya has increased in intensity and the number of casualties has also increased, warning that the Coronavirus pandemic could add to the crises in the southern border of the European Union.

The Libyan file and Operation IRINI were the focus of the EU foreign ministers’ discussions last Friday, he added.

Reports say that Turkey and GNA announced their rejection to the European IRINI operation in the Mediterranean, which aims to support monitoring the arms embargo imposed on Libya, and considered that it “lacks legitimacy, and aims to support the national army led by Field Marshal Haftar, who receives weapons for his forces by land and air.”


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