LNA forces destroy Turkish military vehicles near Al-Asaba town

The Libyan National Army forces repelled an attack by the GNA forces – “supported by Syrian pro-Turkish mercenaries” – on Al-Asaba town, which is located in the western mountain.

The media center of the Al-Karama Operations Room of the Libyan National Army said LNA units and the youths supporting them from the town of Al-Asaba have repelled an attack by the terrorist militias who tried to storm and enter the twon, inflicting on them huge losses in lives and equipment.

It explained that during the operations, a Turkish armored vehicle “Kirpi” and a number of Turkish military vehicles were destroyed, in addition to the killing of a number of elements among the forces of the GNA, which was the one that launched the attack.

The director of the media office of the National Army Reserve Force, Abu Bakr Duwaish, said that the forces managed to disable two 4×4 military vehicles in the axis of the Jendouba bridge, which GNA forces used as the area to launch their attack on Al-Asaba twon.

Duwaish added in a statement to Al-Ain newspaper that the LNA forces fought violent clashes in Al-Hira frontline near Gharyan against the GNA forces, adding that the LNA managed to destroy two armed vehicles.


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