Sources to 218News: Sabratha’s new Coronavirus case is an extremist man who returned from Turkey

Reliable sources confirmed to 218News that the person infected with Coronavirus in Sabratha has returned from Turkey and that he is linked to “Islamist extremists”.

The sources revealed that the man who was diagnosed positive for COVID-19 is the brother of Abdel Moneim Al-Mukhtar Al-Madhouni who was in Afghanistan and was killed in Brega in 2011, and the brother of Omar Al-Mukhtar Al-Madhouni, the former Head of the Military Council Sabratha and leader in the Dawn of Libya (Fajr Libya) operation of 2014.

The sources indicated that the man was opening a mosque in Sabratha to perform Tarawih prayers despite the decision to close all mosques by the government, ignoring the rules of physical separation and precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus from spreading in the community.

Sabratha has been under the control of the Government of National Accord forces since last April, after clashes between the Libyan National Army forces that led to the extension of GNA control over the city, which was met with international concern about the renewed deterioration of the security situation and the return of illegal immigration flows from the city’s shores controlled by human smuggling gangs.

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