Ongoing clashes in southern Tripoli frontlines

Violent clashes continue in the axes of Ramla and Kazarma, south of the capital Tripoli, as, in Abu Grein, the Air Force targeted locations for the GNA forces, at a time when the Military Information Division announced the shooting down of three drones in the city of Bani Walid.

The first drone was shot down Saturday morning near the city of Bani Walid, while the second two were shot down after they tried to raid civilian neighborhoods in the city.

Violent clashes have been taking place violently since the days of fixed form between the units of the Libyan National Army and the forces of the GNA as well as the Syrian mercenaries with them.

Clashes intensified Saturday night in the axes of Ramla and Kazarma with a relative progress of the GNA forces, but it did not last long with the insistence of the units of the National Army for the fifth consecutive day not to retreat from their positions that are considered to be lines of contact with the GNA forces, whether in Ramla or Wadi Al-Rabi and the surrounding areas.

The air force targeted Saturday locations of GNA forces east of the city of Misrata, and a military source said that the air force targeted stores of military vehicles and ammunition depots.


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