US AFRICOM clarifies intention to deply military units in Tunisia

US AFRICOM has put an end to the controversy that has arisen over the prospect of sending US military forces to Tunisia, in conjunction with recent Russian activity in Libya.

US AFRICOM said that it intends to send a small military training unit to Tunisia, which has limited tasks and comes in implementation of the requirements of the military assistance program with Tunisia.

The US military command in Africa added in a clarification statement that the military units do not plan to carry out any combat missions at present.

AFRICOM’s clarification came 24 hours after it published a statement in which it hinted at “the possibility of using the Assistant Brigade in North Africa in light of the growing concern about Russian military activities in Libya.”

The same statement cited General Stephen Townsend, commander of US forces in Africa, as saying: “We are looking for new ways to deal with our mutual concerns about security with Tunisia, including the use of the Assistant General of the Security Forces.”

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