Libya kicks off plasma treatment program for Coronavirus cases

Doctors at the Department of Internal Care at the University Hospital, Tripoli, in coordination with the Central Blood Bank on Al-Shatt Road, and the monitoring team of the National Center for Disease Control started a blood plasma separation program from patients recovering from Coronavirus to benefit from them in the treatment of critical cases of COVID-19 after this method proved successful around the world.

The university hospital administration in Tripoli said that four doctors prepared the protocol for separations and plasma operations after obtaining the necessary approvals from the Medical Ethics Committee and the National Center for Disease Control.

The medical team called on patients recovering from the Coronavirus to contact the monitoring and investigation teams of the National Center for Disease Control to coordinate the donation of blood plasma to contribute to the treatment of those infected with COVID-19.

Plasma treatment has proven effective with Coronavirus patients after using it in several Arab and European countries, including Egypt, Poland, and Austria, while other countries have allowed its use, such as France, the United States, Switzerland, and China.


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