“Bedja” unveils secrets of smuggling world in Libya, courts Interior Minister Bashagha

In his first video on social media, Abd al-Rahman Milad, known as the “Bedja” who is accused of smuggling fuel and human trafficking, talked Wednesday about smuggling, accusing the bodies under Volcano of Rage Operation and he also spoke about his relationship with the Ministry of Defense and Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha.

Although he appears rarely, when Bedja shows up, he gets attention, not because of a strength in character or distinction in the content he is making, but rather because of his direct and original connection to the biggest crimes that have been taking place in Libya; crimes of smuggling Libyans’ resources.

Bedja, the person who is affiliated with the GNA and the Volcano of Rage forces, works in the Coast Guard apparatus of the GNA, came out in the video clip because of the campaign led by the so-called joint force to prevent the smuggling of fuel from Al-Zawiya refinery out of Libya in the largest operation in broad daylight.

Abdul Rahman Milad, who is accused of smuggling fuel and human smuggling as well, accused and opened fire on his comrades inside Volcano of Rage Operation, as he praised the Minister of the Interior Fathi Bashagha, spoke of his relationship with the Ministry of Defense as excellent, denying smuggling fuel from Al-Zawiya refinery, knowing that his illicit operations were included in the list of sanctions of the Security Council.

He also admitted that had it not been for the Turkish intervention, the national army would have been in the center of Tripoli.

He also revealed a series of smuggling networks from the Mountain, Misrata, Tripoli and Zuwara, pointing to the existence of selectivity in directing smuggling accusations, and clear targeting of Al-Zawiya city, of which 225 names were included on the lists of smugglers, and he also reported having information about smuggling networks and routes in Libya.

After entering a television interview with an Italian agency, the Ministry of Interior disavowed the agreement by issuing a statement indicating that an arrest warrant had been issued against the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the central bank had kept its bank accounts in commercial banks.

Bedja exposed the Turkish military intervention in Libya, denying the words of the Volcano of Rage Operation and the GNA, which attributed the army’s retreat to its forces, forgetting the size of the Turkish intervention.

Human and fuel smuggling has always been a profitable business for those involved in it, but what is remarkable is that the defendants continue this trade under the umbrella of the government that says it has recognition and legitimacy, and this in itself is obligatory, because any smuggling that takes place, the GNA is obligated to bear its legal consequences.

Abdel Rahman Milad’s statements Wednesday and his remarks on more than issue related to smuggling may push parties in the GNA to take action against him in particular, because his were frank and explicit, describing himself as the person who fought smuggling and was not a cause of it.

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