Mobilization of forces underway by GNA factions

It was not a month after the withdrawal of the national army units from the axes of Tripoli and from areas in the Libyan West until the sharp differences between the armed formations of the Government of National Accord surfaced again in a situation that prevailed before the fourth of April 2019 when the conflict and the dispute was so severe that it prevented the GNA as a political and service body from performing its duties.

This time, the dispute that reached the point of hiding behind the arms and preparing for a new round of fighting, but with different bases and different alliances, was raised.

These military moves are led by what has recently become a joint force: a mixture of several armed formations of the GNA, which has called for an end to the smuggling that starts from the cities of Al-Zawiya, Al-Mutrad, and Al-Harsha.

In the context of these differences, more than one active blogger affiliated with the armed formations indicated that the formations from the city of Al-Zawiya, and affiliated with the city of Tripoli may offer to satisfy the countries involved in the Libyan file, especially the United States.

The interior minister-delegate Fathi Bashagha returned to use the word militia, which is the word that the American embassy put in its last statement, and the formations inside Al-Zawiya are now mobilized and ready for any armed action against them, on the pretext that they are human and fuel smugglers.

These differences were talked about by Abdul Rahman Milad known as “Bedja” in the video that came out a few days ago when he stated that the principle of accountability should include everyone, from the city of Misurata, through to Tripoli, and up to the mountain, and by this he means the armed formations that exist within these areas and cities This inevitably indicates the resumption of sharp differences between the armed formations of the GNA.


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