Calls for return of Libyan Monarchy and calls from Benghazi for ending war

After the military reality was hit by the complications and of the options for decisiveness, and the loud voices calling for moving forward with the political path, the advocates of peaceful options and political initiatives came back to the scene.

The advocates of the constitutional monarchy announced their firm vision of the best way to revive the paths of dialogue and harmony among Libyans, represented in activating the constitution of independence and the return of the constitutional monarchy to Libya as it was before August 31, 1969, and inviting Crown Prince Muhammad al-Hassan al-Rida al-Mahdi al-Senussi to receive his full constitutional powers.

The movement’s return statement to constitutional legitimacy described the step to activate the Constitution of Independence as the “only lifeline and proper legal framework for the return of Libyans to the path of building a state of institutions, democracy and law away from the conflicts or power sharing that marred the political process in the past years.”

Another movement was announced recently under the name of “Mubadaroon” led by young people from the city of Benghazi, through which they declared their categorical rejection of war or resorting to military action, their rejection of all forms of external interference, and their call for reconciliation and adherence to the democratic path and the peaceful transfer of power through elections.


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