218News reveals confidential correspondence aimed at securing Turkish delegation during the visit to Libya


218News has obtained exclusive documents and secret correspondence related to the request to allow delegation accompanying Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar during his recent visit to Libya to use their weapons on Libyan territory.

The official seals and stamps appear on the documents showing that they were made by the security agencies of the Government of National Accord, headed by the Ministry of Interior, the Protocol Department and its parallel authorities in Turkey.

The documents reveal that GNA has received an official Turkish request to arm all delegates accompanying Akkar, with Glock 19 semi-automatic pistols, which are Austrian in origin and known for their lightness and effective range of shooting at a distance of 50 meters, as well as their ability to shoot even underwater, in addition to the wireless devices.

A letter from an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the GNA documents the ministry’s approval of the Turkish request and instructs it to manage relations and cooperation by taking the necessary measures.

These Turkish demands, which were agreed upon by the GNA, go beyond the diplomatic protocols of visits of high-level delegations and diplomatic figures known to all countries, as such an act stipulates that the host country is responsible for securing and protecting all delegations coming to visit it.

The arming list obtained by 218News reflects Turkey’s lack of confidence in the eligibility of the GNA security services.

218News continues to follow the details of the visit of the high-ranking Turkish military delegation to Tripoli, after it unilaterally revealed unspecified details about this visit from the moment the delegation headed by Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and Chief of General Staff Yasar Guler arrived, as then the delegation moved in the night between two planes: a helicopter belonging to the Turkish Air Force and a Turkish frigate off the Libyan coast.


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