Italy, Turkey agree on need for political solution in Libya

The Turkish Defense Ministry said in a statement that the defense ministers of Turkey and Italy agreed during the talks on Tuesday on the need for a political solution to the conflict in Libya.

“We have noted with pleasure that we have common and similar views on several issues,” Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said in the statement, adding that security and defense cooperation between the two countries will benefit the Mediterranean region.

The Italian authorities have sent forces to train the security forces of the GNA, and some attribute the Italian intervention at this time to the Italian company ENI, the largest oil and gas company managed by the Italian government, is the owner of the lion’s share and is the largest foreign oil producer in Libya.

European countries are concerned about Libya because of its energy supplies, given the chronic turmoil the country has suffered for years, apart from its role as a major source of illegal immigration to Europe and a haven for Islamic militants.

According to the statement of the Turkish Ministry of Defense, Italian Defense Minister Lorenzo Gerini said that all parties need to work together to achieve stability in the Mediterranean.


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