Resumption of oil production in Libya welcomed locally and internationally

The Libyan economy returns has been revived again after a cessation of nearly 6 months, as the National Oil Corporation announced on Friday the lifting of force majeure on all oil exports from Libya, confirming that the first tanker began loading from Es Sider oil port

The NOC announcement to resume the export of oil received an international and domestic welcome, as the United States, through its embassy in Libya, blessed this step, stressing the need to ensure the cooperation of the NOC with the United Nations Support Mission in Libya to ensure that revenue is not embezzled and preserved for the benefit of the Libyan people.

The second welcome was by France, which hailed the resumption of oil exports, confirming its refusal to militarize oil facilities in Libya.

On the local level, the Minister of Interior of GNA, Fathi Bashagha, welcomed the reopening process, thanking all the parties that contributed to it, confirming in his tweet that “oil belongs to all Libyans, and its revenues must be managed transparently and distributed fairly in different regions, and not be a source of blackmail or political challenge.

The resumption of oil exports came after the Libyan tribes closed the oil fields in January because of misallocation of its revenues, provided that they were divided equally and ensure that it did not reach the Syrian armed groups and mercenaries.

The National Oil Corporation announced that the losses incurred by the country as a result of the closure amounted to about 6.5 billion dollars, in addition to increasing production, taking a long time as a result of the damage.


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