US indifference paves the way for collision between Turkey and Egypt in Libya

The American Christian Science Monitor newspaper highlighted the potential collision between Washington’s allies in Libya: Turkey and Egypt, after the recent escalation of the two sides.

The newspaper report indicates that the unbalanced American role in Libya created a confrontational path available to external parties, led by Ankara and Cairo, which are known for their warm relations with Washington.

The writer, “Taylor Lake,” considered that the risk of war between Turkey and Egypt in Libya increases as the country moves away from the political solution on the one hand, and Washington continues to follow its limited policy in Libya on the other, expecting to see further escalation at the end of this year.

The report added that it is difficult for the United States to pay attention to the Libyan file at the time when it witnessed a strong presidential election, but he stressed that the current President Donald Trump’s loss of these elections will lead to the continuation of a US calm toward the Libyan issue.


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