Details of Egyptian Army’s maneuver near border with Libya

The Egyptian army continued Saturday the implementation of the stages of military strategic maneuver, which is called “Hassem 2020”, in the western region near the border with Libya.

The military spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces said in a statement that the Army’s Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, attended a maneuver carried out by the navy, air and special forces, which included an amphibious operation on the coast, and the implementation of airstrikes focused on surface targets.

The spokesman explained that “the stage started with the implementation of a set of concentrated airstrikes through a number of multi-mission aircraft for the enemy’s command centers, in conjunction with the implementation of a parachute drop to secure the beach.”

Meanwhile, navy destroyers and frigates also launched missiles against targets. The activities concluded with the launching of naval units of a number of missiles from the destroyers and submarines, while a number of aircraft carried out a series of airstrikes focused on surface targets, according to the spokesman.

The military spokesman pointed out that this maneuver comes on the western strategic direction, “given the region’s sharp and rapid changes.”


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