Turkey’s practices in Libya and Mediterranean to ne discussed by EU meeting

The relationship between Turkey and the European Union countries is further strained as Erdogan is taking steps that the European Union as well as the individual countries see as escalatory and threats to the security of the European Union and its coasts along the Mediterranean.

Turkish measures in the Mediterranean and the escalating military intervention in Libya, which was a major reason for the forces of the Government of National Accord to remain in their barracks, will be the subject of a meeting of European Union
foreign ministers on Monday, upon a French request to discuss Turkish practices in the Mediterranean and in Libya.

The European Ministerial Council stated that the ministers will discuss in detail the developments in Libya, taking into account the conclusions of the Berlin conference and the importance of coordination with the UN mission to implement a peaceful political solution.

European responses to the Turkish moves seem to be expected, as the Turks are still playing the escalation game in the Mediterranean without accountability awaiting European sanctions, which this time can be verified, given the anger of the French who called for the meeting, according to French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Drian.

France, the most active country of the European Union regarding Libya, had gone to NATO for protests, but NATO – and after the meeting attended by French President Emmanuel Macron – did not come out with a strong position that curbs the Turks and stops their practices that reinforce congestion, especially after they announced their rejection of the European IRINI Naval Mission aimed at preventing the flow of weapons into Libya and monitoring the coasts from which illegal immigration boats depart.

Monday’s meeting may result in a clear stance toward Turkey, but this stance may not lead Erdogan to rethink his foreign policies and his relations with the Europeans, which seems to have reached a dead end because Erdogan previously engaged with the countries of the EU in more than one conflict, all of which had ended with European sanctions on Turkey, but this hasn’t stopped the Turkish president, who continues his escalatory practices every time.


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