French Defense Ministry: Haftar played a useful role in defeating ISIS in Libya

French Defense Minister Florence Parly said that the commander-in-chief of the National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, had a useful role in combating terrorism and defeating ISIS in eastern Libya.

Parly reiterated her country’s vision of solving the Libyan crisis, noting the adherence to the political solution and the need for a ceasefire to promote the political solution and pay attention to combating terrorism in the region.

In statements to the French newspaper “La Croix”, the Minister of Defense stressed that they did not support one of the parties to the conflict in Libya, and also touched on the issue of foreign interference in the country, led by Turkey and Russia.

She condemned all violations of the arms embargo in Libya, pointing out that Turkey brings a large number of Syrian fighters as well as private Russian military companies, on a smaller scale, saying that this is unacceptable and all its details are accurately documented by the United Nations.

During her speech, the French Defense Minister indicated that Paris is seeking to restore confidence and calm within NATO regarding the Libyan file, saying that she proposed to the Secretary-General a series of initiatives in this direction.


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